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GoalNation lives and breathes youth soccer. As the leading digital youth soccer news publication in America with more than 2.5 million readers, GoalNation is the voice of youth soccer. Publishing over 350 days a year, GoalNation features original articles by exclusive columnists on professional and youth soccer, coaching, nutrition, and soccer life. GoalNation also publishes compelling press releases from top teams and leagues. Founder and Editor-in-Chief — Diane Scavuzzo — has covered the youth soccer market since 2010, building on a 30 year career in marketing and journalism. GoalNation covers the evolving soccer landscape in the USA and abroad.

GoalNation is committed to bringing readers meaningful soccer content. Along with news on trends and teams, GoalNation brings a fresh perspective on the ever changing landscape of soccer in America — with a focus on youth soccer.

A note from our Editor-in-Chief:

diane-740x410“It has been nearly 7 years since I launched SoccerNation.com — now GoalNation — relaunching at NSCAA in 2015.  I have learned a lot — and that is one of the reasons I love what I do,” says Diane Scavuzzo, Editor-in-Chief of GoalNation.

“In September, 2016, GoalNation will launch a new, cleaner look for mobile and tablet readers. We want GoalNation to be as flexible as you are — on and off the field.”

“Just like training a brilliant player, GoalNation has flourished with the support of a soccer village — great columnists, gifted graphic designers, a dedicated staff, and the engagement of our readers — the ones who live and breathe the beautiful game. I am so grateful for our dynamic team.”

Our unique editorial perspective and well researched articles have reached millions. GoalNation’s editorial calendar responds quickly to the ever changing landscape of American Soccer.

Editorial Calendar - GoalNation

A Thank You To Our Readers:

“My idea was and is simple – to successfully create an ‘open space’ for the exchange of ideas — and, with my approach of always wanting to go behind the scenes to discover the how and why, GoalNation reports much more than just the scores.  It is important to give our readers diverse perspectives on emerging issues,” says Diane.

We need to tell the stories of soccer’s unsung heroes as well as amplifying the notoriety of the familiar victories.”

This fall, GoalNation’s new editorial series kicks off with the play-makers of the industry, the players who make a real impact on the field, the coaches who inspire greatness, and the women in soccer who are breaking through barriers. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Cognizant of the shifting landscape, GoalNation reports on the changes as they unfold. Want your story shared? Send us an email and we will be happy to review your information.

“Most of all thank you — Thank you for taking the time to read About GoalNation. Let us know how our content can help you make your goals.”

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