The Barca Academy Wraps Inaugural Winter Camp & Attracted Top Players From Around The Country It is only the first year — and already the Barca Academy program is one of the very few youth soccer organizations in the USA whose registration for their soccer camps and tryout dates filled up quickly — way in advance. Barca
Eddie Loewen on The Stand Outs At The MLS Combine Former pro player Eddie Loewen grew up in Germany and got his start as a soccer player with youth soccer clubs FC Preussen Espelkamp and SC Herford before starting his professional career with FC Remscheid in 1998. Loewen has years of experience identifying talent in both Germany and the USA and attended the recent 2018 Player Combine in
Ziad Tleimat – TeamRunner’s CEO  – On What Needs To Change in American Youth Soccer To Attract Millennials CEO of TeamRunner, the leading one-stop marketplace and collaboration platform for sports events and team travel, Ziad Tleimat dives into the heart of the challenges of American soccer today. United Soccer Coaches Convention — US Youth Soccer Workshop
John Motta – President of the United States Adult Soccer Association – On What Needs to Change And Where We Go From Here President, United States Adult Soccer Association, US Soccer Federation Board Member, Chairman US Soccer’s Referee Committee, and lifelong passionate supporter of the beautiful game, John Motta is a highly successful businessman who
Dr. Ron Quinn on Youth Soccer “Sadly, we have moved from an educational model to a business model in youth sport, and especially in youth soccer.” A leading authority in youth soccer and coaching education, Dr. Ron Quinn shares his insight on American Youth Soccer today, what we’re doing right and what needs to change.  Dr.
Former Director of Coaching for U.S. Soccer Bobby Howe on Youth Soccer We live in a country where winning is sometimes confused with development and a country of instant gratification.  Unfortunately, that does not work for soccer. Bobby Howe was the Director of Coaching for U.S. Soccer from 1996-2000 and is an expert on soccer in
ECNL’s President Christian Lavers on Youth Soccer Christian Lavers (@clavers1) is the author of two of the most popular articles we have ever published IDENTIFYING & WATCHING A DEVELOPMENTAL SABOTEUR and THE COURAGE TO BE PATIENT — A crystal clear, insightful thinker, Lavers has single-handedly improved the world of player development in the USA with his work pioneering
Changing Soccer For The Better –  Matt Moran Talks How U.S. Soccer Connect Will Grow the Game Blue Star Sports is the industry leader in integrated software and payment solutions for youth sports organizations with over 45 million users in 32 countries. Blue Star Sports is powering U.S. Soccer Connect and together these two organizations are transforming the
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